Rates for Adult Classes



Private lessons for adults
$42.50 - $37.50 per hour,  hourly rate
based on class package size, classes are 1hr and 55min.

The more classes you buy the more you save when you purchase class packages 
the hourly rates are between $42.50-37.50 with our 3, 6, 8 or 10 class packages. Rates are below

Classes are 1 hour and 55 min. You should choose a class package that fits your needs or budget best.  The package rates are listed below.

Classes are very private with 1- 3 students, so you get to work at your own pace with plenty of one-on-one attention.

For classes please email, Laura@Sewny.com to arrange a time.

Sewing is an acquired skill and takes time and patience our first project is the pencil skirt. This project offers a little bit of everything, learn to cut, how to follow a pattern, you'll learn how to use the sewing machine. The skirt will include a lining, zipper, interfacing and other beautiful hand finishes. Come and have fun learning the art of sewing.  The skirt and all the garments you make at Sew New York are complete. The package prices help you save money over the course of your training. Stay for one project and if your inclined or stay on longer and learn how to make dresses, jackets, how to sew a proper sleeve.  Email Laura@sewny.com to find a class for you.

Classes are 1hr 55min.


The semi-private package rates are based at $88 per class and priced per person, you save money with the class packages. A package is required for the semi-private classes, the purchasing of single classes as you go is not offered in the semi-private classes.  You should select from the package rates below.

Package prices for semi-private sewing classes, sewing 101: Packages are based on the single class rate of $88. A class package is required for semi-private classes, no single classes offered. 
The first project is a straight skirt.  For some it might take 12 classes to complete for others maybe 15 or maybe more, because you learn at your own pace in private classes and everyone learns differently.  So the packages are designed for you to choose which package best fits your needs for the length of time you will be here to learn how to properly sew.  In other words you should select the package size that best fits your needs and you renew it when you finish the package, the more you buy in a package the more you save.

Save $9 when you buy 3 classes for $85 each=$255 per person.

Save $48 when you buy 6 classes for $81 each=$486 per person.

Save $88 when you buy 8 classes for $77 each=$616 per person.

Save $120 when you buy 10 classes for $76 each=$760 per person.

To schedule a class time you should email Laura@sewny.com

Rates for draping 101: At this time Draping classes are not being offered. Single classes are $175 each

*Sorry, but there are no refunds on single classes or class packages.

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